Best Nifty 500 Stocks At All Time Low

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Identifying stocks at all time low is an art that every investor wants to perfect. But how do you go about finding stocks at all-time lows? In this blog, we will showcase how, with the help of Tickertape Stock Screener, to generate a list of stocks trading at par or closer to their 52-week low share price.

Best Nifty 500 stocks at all time low

Stock Name Sub-Sector Market Cap (Rs. in cr.) Close Price (Rs.) 5Y Historical Revenue Growth (%) 5Y Avg Return on Equity (%) % Away From 52W Low
Vinati Organics Ltd Specialty Chemicals 18,032.08 1,743.45 23.19 24.30 3.20
Easy Trip Planners Ltd Tour & Travel Services 6,735.99 40.35 27.73 45.10 9.05
SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd Payment Infrastructure 72,281.33 759.65 21.61 24.52 9.22
Indraprastha Gas Ltd Gas Distribution 28,969.53 418.35 25.46 21.95 11.35
HLE Glascoat Ltd Industrial Machinery 3,700.67 539.90 57.27 33.42 16.11
Gujarat Gas Ltd Gas Distribution 31,125.56 461.50 22.11 29.24 16.23
GMM Pfaudler Ltd Industrial Machinery 7,371.41 1,611.90 50.73 19.64 17.14
Happiest Minds Technologies Ltd IT Services & Consulting 13,379.45 896.05 25.81 39.04 17.40
Campus Activewear Ltd Apparel & Accessories 8,481.53 279.95 28.34 21.81 17.72
Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd Specialty Chemicals 12,490.64 2,535.75 22.32 32.78 19.61
Epigral Ltd Commodity Chemicals 3,991.31 977.05 29.56 27.50 19.88
SRF Ltd Diversified Chemicals 73,122.08 2,479.25 21.24 21.38 21.53

Note: The data in the above table is from 29th December 2023. The stocks are filtered using a pre-built basic screen in Tickertape Stock Screener – ‘Near 52W Lows.’

The pre-built screen filters the stocks using the following parameters:

  • 5Y Historical Revenue Growth – Set to high
  • 5Y Average ROE – Set to high
  • % Away From 52W Low – Sorted from lower to higher

About 52-week low stocks in India

Vinati Organics Ltd

Vinati Organics Limited is a small-cap stock engaged in manufacturing organic and inorganic chemical compounds, specialty organic intermediates, and monomers.

Currently the stock is trading near to its 52-week low. Although the stock is showing promise with a profitability score of 8.2, its financial growth potential is somewhat lagging behind the market.

Easy Trip Planners Ltd

This small-cap tours and travel company has increased its market share from 0.55% to 7.4% in the last 5 yrs. Alongside, the company has showcased immense growth and profitability potential on the Tickertape Scorecard, which is why the company’s stock has a price upside of 14.84%.

SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd

SBI Cards and Payment Services Private Limited is a large-cap India-based company engaged in the marketing and distribution of credit cards. The company’s stock hasn’t fared well on the bourses, as it trades closer to its 52-week low. Given its lower revenue projection and earnings growth affected its demand as FIIs, mutual funds have significantly sold its shares in this quarter.

Indraprastha Gas Ltd

Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL), operating as a city gas distribution enterprise, primarily engages in the sale of natural gas. This mid-cap company has seen its market share expand from 5.91% to 6.9% over the past five years.

During the same period, IGL’s revenue has experienced an annual growth rate of 25.46%, surpassing the industry average of 21.53%. Additionally, its net income has risen annually at a rate of 17.84%, which notably exceeds the industry average of 10.36%. On the Tickertape Scorecard, IGL boasts a profitability score of 7.8 out of 10.


Identifying 52-week low stocks in India is an important factor for consideration as it is generally used as a predictor of a stock’s future price movement. By evaluating the impact of a company’s financials on a stock’s performance, coupled with the extensive information provided by Tickertape Stock Screener, you can discern a stock’s possible risk/opportunity and make informed decisions.

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