Top 10 Real Estate Stocks in India (2024) – Blog by Tickertape

Last Updated on Mar 1, 2024 by Anjali Chourasiya One of the most globally recognised sectors in the world is the real estate sector. It comprises of four sub-sectors – housing, retail, hospitality, and commercial. In India, the sector is the second-highest employment generator after the agriculture sector. The construction industry ranks third among the … Read more

Best Semiconductor Stocks in India (2024) – Blog by Tickertape

Last Updated on Mar 1, 2024 by Harshit Singh The semiconductor industry has come into the limelight in recent years. This is especially true since the advent of the pandemic – when the demand for semiconductors increased immensely, but supply constraints resulted in a global shortage. However, because of their crucial application in electronic devices, … Read more

Best SIP to Invest in 2024 – Blog by Tickertape

Last Updated on Mar 1, 2024 by Anjali Chourasiya Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) mutual fund investments are known to provide greater control over your investments for the long term and inculcate financial discipline in the investor. Mutual funds for SIP are generally considered a good option for getting exposure to equity investments. As of October … Read more

Best Railway Stocks in India (2024)

Last Updated on Feb 15, 2024 by Harshit Singh For many decades, the Indian railway industry has been the backbone of the country’s transportation system. So much so is the impact of the railways on the economy that in the recent Interim Budget 2024-2025, an allocation of Rs 2.55 lakh cr. to the Indian Railways, … Read more

Best Flexi Cap Funds in 2024

Last Updated on Feb 15, 2024 by Anjali Chourasiya If you are concerned about market volatility and are unsure about which market capitalisation to bet on, flexi-cap funds can be your ally. Flexi-cap funds are relatively new to the equity funds pack. These funds can be invested in companies across market caps without any restrictions. … Read more

Best Tobacco Stocks To Invest In India (2024)

Last Updated on Feb 14, 2024 by Harshit Singh The tobacco companies in India have experienced exponential growth consistently over the years and have generated significant profits. Since the past year, many tobacco stocks have recorded double-digit growth, owing to the sheer size and demand in the tobacco industry. As the tobacco sector is forecasted … Read more

Best Sugar Stocks in India (2024)

Last Updated on Feb 13, 2024 by Harshit Singh Sugar sector stocks are stocks of a company that is involved in the production and sale of sugar products. As India is the world’s largest consumer and producer of sugar, investing in the best sugar stocks presents an enticing opportunity for investors to tap into the … Read more

Top 10 High-Return Mutual Funds in India (2024)

Last Updated on Feb 9, 2024 by Anjali Chourasiya Wealth creation involves investment in long-term instruments. As an investor, you wish to invest in instruments that are profitable for you. For this purpose, a high-return mutual fund is a good choice. They are a type of equity fund, carrying high risk and delivering high returns. … Read more

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